“I have just spoken to the client. Excellent review for April. ‘April was great’, ‘went the extra mile’, some really good feedback. The client also liked that April has been to the venue before and knew where she was going and was well liked by the venue staff” – RefTech – April 2019

“Both Renee & Debbie were great! Renee especially, she was amazing and we were extremely impressed” D2i – April 2019

“I just wanted to say thank you to you and the team. As always your team were always on time and highly professional throughout the 3 day HBI event” – QE11 Centre – April 2019

“Hostess and steward were very supportive, I would say “our eyes” in the lecture halls. I was informed right away about problems / needs in every breakout room. It worked very well. Those who worked at the registration desk were responsive and patient with the customers” – QE11 Centre – April 2019

“The event was a great success and we are really pleased with how things went. The team were great, no complaints at all! The girls, David and Euan were super friendly and informative and were a pleasure to work with for the event” – MCI – April 2019

“Stella was very good thank you. She was friendly and proactive in approaching people and drawing people to the stand. Very well dressed and also showed initiative - for example, during a quiet period she took some flyers and went near the entrance to hand them out as people came in. She definitely made my life easier during the show and helped generate extra leads” – Empower Marketing – March 2019

“Amazing staff but I will say in particular Karen was outstanding as our usual reg manager was not there so Karen stepped up and really took the reins” – Whitehall Media – March 2019

“The show was indeed very busy, and Nicola was a superstar! I would happily work with her again!” – Sweet Streets – March 2019

“Katie was great, as all of your staff are. Can’t fault her at all!” – BDA - March 2019

“It was lovely to see Olu again who was with us last year. She worked incredibly hard.” – Kings Ferry – March 2019

“They were all very keen to help and made a big difference in setting up – we couldn’t have done it in the time parameters without them! In particular Renee and Debbie were fab so a special thanks to them.” – SAS Events – March 2019

“The girls were fantastic. The best we’ve had since I started here. Really friendly, keen to help and did everything I asked of them. Thanks so much!” – PSI Group – March 2019

“I just wanted to pass on my appreciation to Stella and Hannah who worked with my team at this year’s meeting. They were an excellent addition to our team and were also great company” – Edwards – March 2019

“Thank you for sending Olu to work for our event! She was highly professional, poised, and executed her tasks without any need for follow up or corrections. She was very friendly and she worked well with our volunteers group. I would not hesitate to hire her again and hope she may be available if we have staffing needs for QCon London next year. It was a pleasure having Olu on our team!” – C4Media – March 2019

“The team was wonderful! Neil was a pleasure to work with and so many of the folks on your team were a great fit and seemed to enjoy the experience. Thank you again for being such a great partner and assisting with the success of our event!” – VidCon – February 2019

“We loved working with the staff. I had a great time with all my temps. Particular standouts were Steven, Jason, Eden and Stella. Their knowledge of the convention center was really helpful and great because I didn't have that intimate knowledge of the space. They were friendly, great to attendees, and fast learners! Would love to work with them again”  – VidCon – February 2019

“They were both wonderful and so helpful! They were very proactive in offering to assist with any task that needed to be done.” – IMN – February 2019

“Elinor was a gem ! Absolutely fabulous! Very engaging with the customers, fun and hardworking! Not one boring moment at the stand when Eli was there!” – Sweet Street – February 2019

“The event was a great success! All 3 of the staff were excellent – I would love to work with them again and would recommend them for other staffing positions” – IMN – February 2019

“We were super happy with all of the hosts actually and I was particularly impressed with Rachel and Corinna who were absolute stars and had great attitude throughout the event.” – Terrapinn – February 2019

“Tida was absolutely great – a pleasure to work with, enthusiastic, calm, with good suggestions and managed all the staff and breaks really well.  Everyone else was also very professional and friendly and we were very pleased with the team we had onsite.” – Innovision – December 2018

“Sharon was excellent thanks, really helpful and professional!” – BMA – December 2018

“I can only provide positive and good feedback about both Rowena and Harriet. They were attentive, and thorough. They managed to make our event such a success, and without them the night could not have ran as smoothly. We would definitely consider using Moore People again for our future events.” – The FairTrade Practice – December 2018

“I can only provide positive and good feedback about both Rowena and Harriet. They were attentive, and thorough. They managed to make our event such a success, and without them the night could not have ran as smoothly. They read through the brief and understood it clearly – and were hands on to our staff but hands off with questions etc (which was appreciated.) this meant I could enjoy the party, which was the purpose of the staff. We would definitely consider using Moore People again for our future events” – The Fair-Trade Practice – December 2018

“All of your personnel were brilliant, they were approachable and got on with the job. I would definitely be more than happy to work with them again” – In2Events – December 2018

“I just wanted to say a massive thank you to the guys yesterday/this morning, they are an absolute credit to your company, they literally dived straight in there and got involved, they were fully prepared on the night. I did say this to them last night but please pass my thanks on again.” – Stewarts Coaches – December 2018

“Lewis has been fantastic to work with, he has been a great asset to the team and helped us all enormously. Really conscientious and hardworking, a pleasure to have as a colleague.  A very lovely person too! We have all very much enjoyed working with him.” – BCD – December 2018

“The ladies were a pleasure to work with once again. I will admit that I didn’t see much of them as they are quite capable and familiar enough to be left to manage the exhibitor lounge on their own and I believe it was quite busy as usual. Even when on the occasions when I did pop in or restock milk for them. I really didn’t need to as they were restocking the milk themselves and the lounge was always spotless, which is great” – Essential Events – November 2018

 “Helena was great yesterday, she arrived at the venue early and was really pleasant and welcoming to our delegates and was helpful in everything that we needed her to do.” – Landscape Institute – November 2018

“Your team were very good. Hellen took excellent charge of them all and everything ran very smoothly” – CG Med – November 2018

“The team were absolutely fantastic. They double checked if they weren’t sure of anything, and kept me up to date on what was happening in their theatres / problems etc. They were polite, pro-active and very competent” – Closer Still – November 2018

“Just wanted to drop you a note to say how amazing your team have been here the past couple of days – they’ve been an absolute dream to work with!” – Closer Still – November 2018

“Roberta and Jane were very helpful and proactive addition to the team and they really helped with the success of the event. I even asked if they would be doing the whole event series with me!” – Haymarket – November 2018

“Angela was great and lovely to work with! In fact, all your temps we’ve worked with seem to be great, so you do know how to pick them, we’ll be more than happy to work with her again” – BDA – October 2018

“The event went really well and we are happy. This was also because of the help of your lovely team! Gemma and Hellen were also lovely and of big help” International Orange – October 2018

“We were very pleased with the staff in Liverpool. I personally didn't work very closely with them, but I heard nothing but good feedback - all were on time and very willing to get involved in anything that was asked of them. Tida was absolutely great - managed to find hostesses when we needed them, and was calm throughout, and again, willing to do anything asked of her” Zibrant – October 2018

“The event was a real success and it was so lovely to work with the staff from the Moore People. We were so happy that we could continue our partnership yet again this year, and it was great to have back a few staff who had seen the event the year past. The payment has been processed so we should be all settled on that end as well. We will be in touch next year for College Day 2019” – Fullbirght – September 2018


“The Event was a great success! We were very impressed by the whole team which are fully part of this success. It was great to have Neil on board and he was really acting as a supervisor, instructing and controlling the team, always in a good mood. We will for sure recommend Moore People” – BIR – September 2018

“Your team has done a great job, especially Gemma, she was everywhere, always around to be sure that everything running smoothly and always in touch with my team. We really appreciate her. The mix of experimented and young people is really a good idea to improve the team spirit.” – Europa Group – September 2018

“Julie was great. She was so helpful, really good with the delegates and couldn’t do enough to help” – BDA – September 2018

“Everything went well, the team was happy and the delegates seemed happy as well. Marcia was very helpful and did the work in less time than expected. Very easy to work with also. Thank you very much. You will certainly will hear from me or my colleagues in the near future.” – Economist – September 2018

“They were great, completely professional, on time every day, looked very smart and a pleasure to work with.” – Europhysiology – September 2018

“Sandra was absolutely amazing!!! She arrived early and was already there helping delegates (who had arrived 30 minutes too early!) when I arrived. She had a brilliant eye for details and always willing to sort out matters where it was needed. And she was also a really lovely person too, which makes it so nice working with temps you don’t already know. I will definitely keep her in mind for any other events we are organising in this area.” – BDA – September 2018

“Have to say Simon was amazing. He was so friendly, helpful and just got on with registering people. Loved him!!”” – IMN – September 2018

“Helen and team brilliant :) It great to see the same faces each year. Will be in touch for IMPA 2019” – Alexony – September 2018

“Jess was brilliant, we would definitely use her again.” – MCI – September 2018

“Steve and Barbara took the lead this time and they did not let us down. They are so reliable and happy to have them at all of our events. Daniella was also particularly great at the registration desk and we’d love the opportunity at having all 3 of them again for our next big show.” – Terrapinn – September 2018

“It was a success and I only have good comments from the hostesses you provided, very professional. The task were very straight forward but fully completed” – MCI Geneva – September 2018

“Thank you so much, first of all, for working with us last week.  I have to say on, behalf of everyone that works for the landscape Institute, that the team you sent over to us were amazing. We didn’t apply them to the best of their abilities; and what we gave them was I think a bit dull because of venue. They were polite, charming, helpful, accommodating and most of all very much employable again. We’ll be in touch again as soon as possible” – Landscape Institute – September 2018

“Gill and Karen were excellent and very helpful (as always) and Ellie was also a great addition to the team” – World Nuclear – September 2018

“The registration was seamless and so quick, and all the temps really caught on quickly to what was needed and the different options of bags / product goodies. Particularly as this year we had the new aspect of giving out the pre-ordered bundles, and they had two elements to be trained on, they picked this up really well.” – RefTech – September 2018

“Everyone has really positive feedback – the hostesses were intuitive, polite and helpful throughout the event so thanks very much.” – MCI – September 2018

“I have received multiple emails from my client saying how well received Barbra was on site and how great she was during the whole roadshow. I have been really impressed with her and found her to be a perfect fit for the job from the first day we met, so thank you very much for your help on this job and a very big thank you to Barbara as well!” – In2 Events – August 2018

“All of the girls were so great again this year. They were outgoing and very helpful to my team and all of the attendees. Look forward to working with all of them next year.” – Worldwide Business Research – July 2018

“The temps were that they were exceptional!” – BCD – July 2018

“Yes, the event was a great success and we are very pleased with the outcome. Your team were exceptional and Neil was an absolute diamond. I had absolutely no complaints from anyone, all of the breaks were handled well so we were never short of staff. They were all responsive and polite, well presented and hardworking and just lovely people!” – MCI – June 2018

“Just a very quick note to thank you and your team for being part of a really successful Summer Party. The feedback we have received has been great and your contribution to the whole site has gone a major way towards this. In particular please personally thank Neil, Barbara and Ant from me for their proactivity and attention to customer service and detail on the day. I really appreciate it.” – Ten Thousand Hours – June 2018

“They were extremely helpful and intuitive, Karen had worked with me on the last event as well so after a brief reminder of what was required she picked it up again which was great. They really made the reception run smoothly. We would probably like to book them in again for our next event” – RICS – June 2018

“Vivien was brilliant, She was so helpful on the day, nothing was too much trouble, and she used her own initiative when she saw there was a possible issue happening which was great. She was also really quick to pick up what I needed and was so at ease talking to the delegates. If we have anymore events up in Scotland hopefully Vivien is free and can come along to help out” – BDA – June 2018

“Thanks for your email, the team were absolutely brilliant, really helpful and were a great addition to our onsite team. We had lots of comments about how smooth the registration process was and what a nice welcome delegates received which really set everything off to a good start. Also special mentions in particular to Tida and Keith who were both fantastic with both the delegates and our staff. I look forward to working with you again” – Conference Partners – June 2018

“Claire and Gill were very warm, friendly and willing to help. They were doing as instructed and kept our onsite team informed about issues that came up. Overall – a positive experience” – Apothecom – June 2018

“I wanted to say thank you to all the team here, with special mention to Alexandra and Jane who have been true stars” – BCS – June 2018

“Yaourou and Barbara were brilliant. Bags of energy and got lots of attendees engaged in the activation” – Ten Thousand Hours – May 2018

“The feedback I received was really good and we would have no problem working with Paul & Gintare in the future” – D2i Systems – May 2018

“As usual, the staff were fantastic. So incredibly helpful, pleasant and willing to assist. They both had great previous experience and therefore new what was expected of them. They were also smiling throughout and very courteous to all of our guests. All in, I was very happy and grateful to them.” – Economist – May 2018

“Thank you for your email. Both girls were absolutely brilliant at the event and worked really hard. It would be a pleasure to have either one of them back at our future events.” – Nexus Mediacom – May 2018

“The girls were amazing! There were three that really stood out for me and my team and they were Lucie, Anna and Renee. I know Lucie has done our events before and as always I can’t praise her enough, she is always super friendly and took control of everything. Anna who I believe our paths have crossed, she really took it and just got on and done the job. And Renee also just got on with the job in hand and both were very friendly.” – PSI – May 2018

“It was a pleasure working with Steven and Barbara for the first time, they were very professional and helpful so I will certainly be requesting them again. We have worked with Karen before and she was also great onsite!” – Terrapinn – May 2018

“I just wanted to say that Sandra Cheeseman was absolutely brilliant helping out at Welsh PCDS. She went above and beyond to help one of our delegates who was heavily pregnant, she used her own initiative and was just generally an absolute pleasure to work with. We would be happy to have her again” – OmniaMed – May 2018

“Carrie and Jess were both great.  Arrived in good time, looked professional and were lovely to work with. They really took the initiative and just got on with things. As ever great working with you guys.” – Global Conference Network – May 2018

“The ladies were really great and amazing. Obviously we got to spend more time with Barbara, Hellen and Marcia, but also the two others were lovely” – MCI – April 2018

“The CV Show was a successful show for us and I was very pleased with the service provided by Lucy Dixon. Lucy is smart, punctual and hard working. She took on board my instructions and was able to engage with our audience in both a friendly and professional manner. She mixed well with the other people on our stand and basically “got stuck-in” – Mark Allen Group – April 2018

“All 4 ladies were really helpful and proactive and a pleasure to work with. I will certainly be requesting them on future projects and hope that they would be available” – MCI – April 2018

“Can I please pass on my huge thank you for Jazzmin yesterday? She is a total star and I would be delighted if she were assigned to any of our future bookings or assignments. Friendly and warm with our delegates, great attitude, very helpful and masses of initiative” – OmniaMed – April 2018

“Raquel and Julianna made an excellent professional job. Both were very educated and collaborating. More than satisfied with them” – Hartington – April 2018

“Both of the Staff were very on-time, very helpful, and all around great to work with.  I would give them 5 stars on a five star scale.” – Freeman XP – April 2018

“Debra and the team were amazing - couldn’t fault them! We look forward to working with you again” – GovNet – April 2018

“Simon and Olu were awesome!  Beyond doing the work, they were truly personable, fun and came with exactly the right attitude.  They were great with our client team and worked diligently right the way throughout the evening and early hours finishing bang on time.” – Ten Thousand Hours – April 2018

“I have spoken with my colleague who was on site with Mariam on the day and pleased to give you positive feedback. She was great” – GAFTA – April 2018

“Thanks for your help on the BSH Meeting, the team you organised for us were excellent and extremely efficient, definitely the best team yet! It was nice to see some friendly faces from our Manchester events too. I look forward to working with you again in the near future”    MCI – April 2018

“I just wanted to say a big thank you to all the team that were on site last week. Gemma, Steven and Anthony were a great support and managed the teams perfectly which made things so much easier for us knowing all was taken care of. Please can you pass on our thanks to them.“ – MOI – April 2018

“We were so happy with their services.  They were all truly a pleasure to work with.” – IMN – April 2018

“Thanks for once again sending really great people to help us. They were all very proactive, friendly, and helpful.” – IMN – March 2018

“I'm very happy with Jess and Nadine, thanks for asking. They were punctual, professional and provide an excellent costume service I'd love to count on them for future shows” – Prysm – March 2018

“I thought Elyon did a good job, she was smart, punctual and distributed app. 1750 leaflets during the two day event” – Spitch – March 2018

“I was absolutely impressed by the three hosts - they couldn't have been more helpful. Pleasant, efficient, and keen to offer any help they can. They only needed instructions giving once and took lots of initiative.” – Economist – March 2018

“Thank you for your help with this event! Both the staff were excellent to have onsite, always smiley, professional and ready to help! I hear that Katie is working with Tania next week so I look forward to working with her again.” – Terrapin – March 2018

“Could you pass on our sincerest thanks to Olu. Olu was very helpful and worked extremely hard and was so attentive with our guests” – Kings Ferry – March 2018

“I was very impressed by Ilaria’s good spirit. She held the fort very well, kept her smile on, welcomed anyone’s questions and did not display boredom at any time. This was very refreshing to see and most appreciable to work alongside her. Her attitude and ability to screen the prospects helped me greatly to have a productive day. Ilaria is a genuinely positive and good person and she filed her role very well. I am very grateful.” – CKR – March 2018

“The client was extremely happy with the professionalism of your team and they would have no hesitation of using you for any of their future events. Again, thank you so much for your assistance and we look forward to be working with you again in the very near future” – Four Seasons – March 2018

“I was running the conference that Barbara was working on scanning visitors. It was so refreshing to have someone so enthusiastic and friendly, it was a pleasure to be working with her for two days. She was competent and helpful throughout the event – making my job a lot easier!” – Clarion – March 2018

“Marcia was well presented, personable and grasped the essentials of our business very quickly. She was a pleasure to work with” – Rent4Keeps – March 2018

“Everyone was great, especially Hellen. They were all friendly, efficient and approachable. Exactly what we need at our events” – Diversified – February 2018

“The staff were wonderful and we only have positive things to say about them” – IMN – February 2018

“The guys were great, my client had loads to do in the room with laying out material which they assisted with. The client left the badges section till the end so the guys had very little time to set it up plus they were given mixed instructions, however they handled this with no issues. They also assisted with seating and ushering knew how to manage the situation.” QE11 Centre – November 2017

“As per in previous years the staff were excellent” – OmniaMed – November 2017

"The staff were both brilliant as usual. Eden in particular is very helpful and completely knows what she is doing when manning the Exhibitors Lounge. This is great for us as once the Exhibitors Lounge is set up and Marcia and Eden were aware of what they were doing and where everything was they could pretty much be left to their own devices. It was a pleasure to work with both ladies and I look forward to working with Moore People again in the future." - Essential Events - November 2017

“I would like to say how fantastic I thought Hellen was and also Daniel were. We had a number of issues as the last event and having a dedicated person to hand out scanners definitely worked so great job on that. Hellen was great, really proactive and very experienced she ensured the team were managed effectively and really wanted to do a great job for Circ Data and client.” – Circ Data – November 2017

 “Both of the staff were fabulous – I would recommend them and would love to work with them again.” – IMN – November 2017

 “All three were great with Karen the stand out performer. Karen quickly picked up the nuances of the event and was able to provide useful accurate and useful information to delegates at the registration desk. This really worked for us and we will have no hesitation in returning to you for future events” – RICS – November 2017

 "Lauren was fantastic! Very polite, incredibly helpful and willing to take on all sorts of tasks. Friendly and good energy levels" - Economist - October 2017

"Orlaith was just phenomenal, hard-working, hands on, very good with customers, engaging and a fast learner. I will also add thoughtful, bubbly and positive to my feed-back!" – Sweet Street – September 2017

"Hope worked well! She picked things up quickly and was very pleasant, not only to work with but also to visitors to our stand" - PSI Group - September 2017

"The MoorePeople staff were great, very proactive and friendly, I'd definitely book them again" Vodafone AGM - July 2017

The event was a great success and we really appreciated the support from your staff. Neil, Jane and Becky were all very helpful and really supported my team on site. They were quick to act, intuitive and very professional – we would happily work with all three of them again. Many thanks once again for providing great staff” - Innovision - July 2017

"The staff were brilliant! All three of them worked incredibly hard for both days in a very busy and changing environment. I briefed them on the first morning and did not have to tell them their role again, they sorted out any problems that were put in their way, only coming to me if they were not able to resolve the issue. When we use MoorePeople in the future I would be super happy to have all of them working for us again, a real asset to MoorePeople." - Imbibe - July 2017

“Both Karen and Ellie were great on site. Very professional and proactive. They needed very little guidance for the role and were confident in dealing with the tasks required" - Conference Collective - June 2017

"The girls were great a usual and a big help to my team. It is always a pleasure working with your company and I look forward to working with them again" - eTail Europe - June 2017

“I have only positive feedback for Paul, who remained entirely professional and helpful throughout the day. He was affable with the guests and reliable - I had tasked him with a number of things in the morning before the day began and he accomplished them without any questions." - Economist - June 2017

"The BSG Meeting went very well thank you! Thanks for your help securing all of the hostesses for the duration of the conference, they were all great and helped us a great deal. We had excellent feedback about Julie Butler who helped on the poster desk all week!" – MCI – BSG – June 2017

"Becky was a perfect fit for my requirements; Professional, friendly, approachable and engaging. If she is available for future events this year, we would happily have her represent us again" - PSI Group - June 2017

"We found Neil very friendly, approachable and helpful. He was punctual and lovely." - In2Events - June 2017

"Ella was lovely - calm and helpful - just a great extra pair of hands. Please pass our thanks on to her" - SAS Events - June 2017

"Stevie did a very good job and was well integrated within the team. She was a quick learner who was very fast to find the solution" - GreenWave - June 2017

"The team was fantastic – as a whole. Personally I saw Neil in action the most as he ended up assigned to the registration desk and really was a star. But I heard great things from all of the other areas as well, so everyone just did an outstanding job. Thanks again for assembling such a great group, we wish we could bring them along to our shows in the US!" FIA - June 2017

"I just wanted to contact you and say how fantastic June, Julie, Carolyn and Heather were at the Annual Conference. They supported us and got to grips with a variety of hurdles without hesitation. I have to say that without thier can do attitudes, patience, fantastic customer service and troubleshooting skills, things would have been incredibly chaotic for us! You have an amazing team and we look forward to working with them again in the future" - BCS - June 2017

"As usual I only have positive feedback for the team. Jean is invaluable and a great asset to my event. It is always good to see many familiar faces come back each year." Shell - May 2017

"All of the staff were great! I can tell you that I will keep thier names for my next event in London" MCI Geneva - May 2017

"I must praise Paul for his work. He is such a good assistant and he assisted me regarding all issues. In any case we would love to book him for further events" MCI Berlin - May 2017

"All of the staff were very good! The guys worked especially hard and I have heard nothing but positive feedback from them. The ladies were also very good." PSI - Greenfleet - May 2017

"Both Claire and Racquel were outstanding! We would love to have work with them again in the future. Not only were we delighted by our client was also very complimentary about the both of them."  QE11 Conference Centre - May 2017

"Jean, Lewis and Simon were all as excellent as ever"  BMA - April 2017

"Clare was very professional, always on time and well prepared to help in any way. If next year I come to London for another show, I would be happy to hire her again"  Connoils - Natual Organic - March 2017

"Emma was a credit to MoorePeople, she really engaged with the kids and was more than helpful with staff. We would 100% use her again for future events." Innovation First - March 2017

"The event was a great success. We  were very pleased with the services recieved from Jodie, Louise and Abigail. They picked everything up quickyl and delivered efficiently and professionally." Endolive 2017  - March 2017

"The event was a great success. The staff were brilliant as usual. I have nothing but good words to say!" News On The Block - December 2016

"I would like to say that Maria was absolutely great, the exhibitor told me that she was nice, polite, very professional and they were definitely delighted. Her Spanish speaking is just amazing, it was really useful as the exhibitor company was Spanish as well. Maria did an excellent job and we would love to count on her future events" Prysm Group - November 2016

" Lauren was a great representative for In 2 Events. I found her to be very proactive, caring and professional. We kept in touch for the duration and she gave great feedback live on the ground with regards to the event itself." In 2 Events  - October 2016

"The girls were absolutely brilliant and a joy to work with onsite. We were really impressed with Clare who delivered the same level of great service as our the last event. Aria was a gem too, she grasped everything so quickly and was a tremendous help onsite! We would love the opportunity to have both of them for our events in the future" Terrapinn - October 2016

"With regards to to Karen, Aria, Simon and Cassie, each and every person did a fantastic job onsite and once again fit perfectly into our team. All were professional and polite and did what was asked of them to a high standard." Whitehall Media - September 2016

"The staff were absolutely incredible! Saturday ran very smoothly, and I think that the four of them were a major factor" USA College Day 2016 - September 2016

"I couldn't be more please with Jazzmin, she is a bundle of joy, hard-working, bright and thoughtful. I would be very happy to work with her again in the future," Sweet Street - August 2016

"Thank you! Your guys were brilliant and really helpful" Sticky Wicket - July 2016

"Carolyn was very nice, proactive and very friendly. She showed interest as to learn what she needed in order to speak to the clients and feel adequately informed."  Innovision - July 2016

"We had a great event, and a big part of that is owed to Lucy, Natasha, Laura, Lauren, Abbie and Sahira. They were excellent on site and really went above and beyond for me during that week. There were some tough times that came up during the event, and they were do generous as to lend a helping hand wherever it was needed. I cant thank them enough and hope to work with all of them in the future" WBR - June 2016

"Both us and the clients were absolutely delighted with Emilie and Irene! They were very helpful anbd proactive, and made out lives a lot easier!! I would definately hire them again for future events." Farnborough Air Show - July 2016

"I must say that this is one of the most excellent teams we have worked with. All of them were dedicated and focused in thier work which added to the success of our event. Once again thank you for supplying us with a perfect team!" SIA Conference - July 2016

"As always, Roberta was a joy to work with - extremely professional and pro-active. Ellie was fantastic as well" RenewableUK - July 2016

"Gemma was brilliant. Karen was very helpful on the registration desk. Lauren, Aria and Natasha were very helpful in the plenary room assisting with roving mics for Q&A and for moving people in and out of the room. Ellie was very patient and diligent with a very quiet registration for Partner Meetings." Innovision - June 2016

"Our events went really well yesterday. Also Patricia, Jack and Andrea have been of great help, we do appreciate all of thier hard work! We are looking forward to working witht hem again, we have lots fo events coming up so would definitely want to see them again soon" ICAEW - June 2016

"The event was very successful. Carrie, Aria and Fiona were wonderful! They were all very professional, friendly, helpful and I could tell, very experienced. Our event would not have been a success without them!" MeetingExpectations - June 2016

"As ever, the staff that you provided were absolutely excellent. Very positive, smiley and exceedingly hard working. i really could not sing their praises more. I look forward to working again with you in the not too distant future." Conference Partners - Scotland - June 2016

"As always you and your team were amazing! Special thank you to Ricky, Patricia, Jane and Kat. Will be in touch shortly about the next event" Diversified - June 2016

"I want to thank you again for the excellent staff you provided us with at Minecon. Consequently, we would love to hire 3 MoorePeople staff members to help us out again - please provide us with a quote." Now Computing

"June and Yvonne were great in Glasgow - many thanks for providing them. They had exactly the right friendly but professional approach to registration"  British Medical Association - May 2016

" Excellent team as usual, headed by Jean. I gave everyone prositive feedback on the day - In particular we noticed the caring way that they had treated out elderly shareholders and handled the bigger audience with no problems." Shell AGM - May 2016

"They were all superb! Thank you very much. Our feature manager was impressed with all staff but in particular high praise went to Guy in Pop Up Tasting ans Paul in Masterclass. And of course Tania is just our Dream Team. Sherrie was a massive help and support onsite." London Wine Fair - May 2016

"Yaourou was a very wonderful lady and professional interpreter, thank you so much. Certainly next time we are in London, we will contact you" London Wine Fair - May 2016

"All of your staff were great as per normal. They were lovely and smiled their way throughout the event" Tuscana People Analytics Show - May 2016 

"The feedback from my colleagues who worked at the event said that the girls were absolutely fantastic! They could not praise them enough." VowRetail April 2016

" Just a quick note to say that the event went really well. Karen who worked with us on the three days was nice, friendly and enthusiastic. She was professional, eager to work and help in any way that she could. It was a pleasure working with her."  Innovision April 2016

"All hostesses were excellent, extremely professional, presentable, punctual and very friendly. They could be trusted to do the job correctly, but also be extremely positive, friendly and enthusiastic. Very good!!" Innovision, January 2016

Hostesses were excellent, our event was quite simple and they were exactly what we needed. They were proactive and very good with the customers, I would definitely use them again for events in the future. " Metal Bulletin Exchange, December 2015

Thank you so much for all your help. I only had extremely positive comments about the hostesses, they all were great! At the hotels Karen and Charlotte both did amazing jobs, all the guests loved them and they were very precious to me! I would definitely recommend them and would love to work with them again. For the party all the girls were fantastic, very nice, smiling and helpful. Sherrie was a great chief hostess too! I did not have to manage the registration process at all, they worked well and it went very smoothly! "

I have worked with Karen recently at another of our events and I believe Lewis worked on an event with me in April. Both are extremely great to have on site and there is not enough they can do for you, always polite, professional and attentive. " Innovision, November 2015

Just a quick note to say that the staff you sent yesterday were as always FANTASTIC.  We were under very extreme pressure yesterday with 550 attendees and they responded to this with zest and embraced it and performed like a well-oiled machine. We look forward to using your staff again next year - if you could pass my thanks to them I would be grateful"  Whitehall Media, November 2015

They were both great.  They took on board their main roles for the day and were courteous and efficient. They worked with a smile on their faces which is always a bonus." The Economist, October 2015 

They were brilliant, as always.  I want them back next year!! National Asian Wedding Show, October 2015

The Now Forum was a great success! All of the hostesses were really great, it was a pleasure to work with them.  Special thanks to Clare, Alice, Gill, Lucie and Louise." Now Forum, October 2015

I just wanted to say how impressed I was with Vanessa at our event yesterday.  She was very professional, very polite to all guests and a great help for the day.Medical conference, September 2015

The team you supplied for the ExCel were first class, and I really do mean that! They were excellent and we have no complaints about any of them at all." Renewable UK, August 2015 

" Victoria was a lovely girl, very well presented and also very helpful. She engaged with our staff and clients and brokers coming to our stand. I would definitely want to use her again." Airmic Conference, June 2015 

Simon and Lauren were ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!! It is very evident they were both seasoned hospitality professionals. I didn't need to spend time "training" them as they arrived onsite and immediately jumped in and started helping out. They were friendly and polite and enthusiastic. This event was a bit hectic and understaffed but with having 2 partners as strong as Simon and Lauren we were able to run the event smoothly and I am so grateful to them for their support. Please give Simon and Lauren a big thank you from me and yes, we wont hesitate to use your company's services again knowing the quality of the people you provide." June 2015  

Peter was a huge success! Thank you for putting him forward. We were very happy with his work and would have no problem in working with him again. Good work. Please thank him again from me." GEO Business, May 2015 

Just wanted to say that I was very pleased with the team again this year. Jean was, as always, very professional, friendly, efficient and helpful and managed the team very well. Everyone arrived on time and did a very good job, so I would be more that happy to use all the team again." Shell AGM, May 2015 

I only have positive things to say about your excellent team. In particular I was thrilled to have Tania back as she worked with us last year. She took ownership of all delegate requests and managed them in the most professional manner. In fact all of the team did. Due to time constraints the briefing I provided was limited and there was a lot going on, but the team took this in their stride and were quick to pick up on the systems and technology. Thulani was a true gentleman, extremely polite - they all were.  Becky and Simon were great as well. Happy, happy, happy :-). We'll be in touch next year! " BIFM May 2015

They were both amazing as always! So helpful and I felt I could just let them get on with it which was great! " Pharma 2015, February 2015 

Massive thank you for all your help with the BSH Autumn meeting last week.  The hosts/hostesses were brilliant and it worked perfectly with them this year. We would definitely like to book the same team again next year.BSH Autumn Meeting, December 2014 

All the girls were great, although probably suffering from hyperthermia now as it was very cold on the station this morning.  They were all great, all on time and Gemma as TL led the team well and was very helpful with organising the girls into the positions." Promotion at London Fenchurch Street, November 2014

" The event was indeed a success for us.  We were very happy to have all the team with us.  In particular I found extremely useful the collaboration with Sherrie and David on the 18th and the coordination by Sherrie on the 19th also due to her proactive attitude.Conference, November 2014

I would like to say what a wonderful job Rebecca and Sue did whilst they were working with us.  Both were extremely helpful and courteous." BASL Annual Meeting, November 2014

Both staff members were very helpful onsite and took to all of the job roles we gave them quickly and efficiently." Revolution Events, November 2014

" This was Sarah's second year with us, and as per last year, I have nothing but good things to say.  Sarah is very professional and I would have no hesitation to book her again next year.  Claire was new to the show, and again I have nothing but good things to say.  She was quick to learn, very pleasant and worked really hard." Salon International, October 2014 

Feedback on your staff members, as always, is very positive. They were pro-active asking for what to do next, they were punctual, well presented and polite with our delegates."  The British Society for Allergy and Clinical Immunology Annual Meeting, October 2014

Very pleased, pleasant and friendly. Very reliable would definitely recvommend them to anyone." BHS 2014 Annual Scientific meeting, September 2014

The staff you sent to work with us were wonderful. On time, proffessional, personable. They really helped us make the conference a success and I really appreciate all of their help." The European Securities Lending Conference, September 2014

Both Aria and Michelle were a super addition to the team as ever, many thanks.September 2014

" The event was fantastic, very pleased with how the team performed in general. Craig was excellent, very composed on the microphone and managed the announcements excellently throughout the show." Soccerex Global Convention, September 2014

Eliese was amazing! She did great work onsite and in fact took more photos than our usual crew! We would be more than happy to use her again!" August 2014

All the staff were great, well turned out and worked really hard. I would have them all on site with me again at future events." August 2014

The team we had from you were fantastic, they were all very proactive, got on with all the jobs allocated and did an amazing job selling raffle tickets to the guests during dinner. They were all friendly and polite and a pleasure to work with. I would definitely specifically request the same team again if we require your services in the future.The Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital Charity event, July 2014

Paul, Marcia and Tania were terrific members of staff at our event last week.  They fitted into the team well and worked hard with initiative and enthusiasm, I cannot speak highly enough of them.  I will certainly be using MoorePeople again as the service you have provided was tremendous.Conference personnel, April 2014

Just to say, Tina was fantastic at Oldham yesterday! We really want to use her again for meetings nearby if she is available." Diabetes on the Net, March 2014 

I thought the whole process was incredibly professional.  Racquel was fantastic on site, really well presented, friendly and great to have on the team. She was a superstar! "  Salon QP, November 2013

Roberta and Jane were brilliant, they know the event well by now and organise all the other stewards really effectively so the front desk ran smoothly for the whole event." International Wind Conference, November 2013

" I wouldn't hesitate to book either Yaourou or Tania again. They are very good, extremely professional and they bring great personalities with them onsite! " October 2013

We were very happy with Simon's performance and would not hesitate to work with him again." Thrombosis Research Institute, October 2013

What a pleasure it was working with Jo and Tania at our conference on Tuesday. They were a fantastic help and a tremendous addition to the team. I would certainly request them both again as they worked with enthusiasm whilst maintaining a sense of professionalism. They certainly contributed to the success of the event." October 2013 

The service provided by your team was great. They only needed instructions once, were very professional and punctual and were all very likeable. Absolutely no complaints." MRO Europe, September 2013

Thanks for organising the staff, they were brilliant throughout the event. They were all very efficient and we were really happy with them.Annual Conference, September 2013

" Gillian did a great job - efficient, polite and approachable, a nice lady.MODA, Freeman UK, August 2013

On behalf of the team here in Glasgow we would like to thank MoorePeople for all their help for making the BSG 2013 Annual Meeting a great success. All hosts were great workers, very polite and friendly and exactly what we were looking for. We would be happy to work with any one of them again." BSG 2013 Annual Meeting, July 2013

" Regarding the team I worked with everyone was brilliant. I was really taken aback by how brilliant they all were. From the moment they arrived they just took it all out of my hands and managed themselves. They really gave me complete confidence in their abilities and they proved to be very competent. They were all truly brilliant and it was lovely to have them around! I would love to work with them all again." The Meeting Show, Centaur Exhibitions, July 2013

Tania was brilliant and a pleasure to work with. She made my life so much easier and I hope another opportunity arises for her to work for me. She was such a lovely person and it was a joy to have her on my team." JM Associates, July 2013

I have to say that the team you arranged for us onsite were absolutely first class. A geniune pleasure to work with such professionals. They were all absolutely charming, they looked smart, acted smart and helped to deliver our event seamlessly. I absolutely cannot fault them whatsoever - a genuine credit to MoorePeople." Metier, June 2013 

Once again you provided an outstanding individual. Racquel was superb - proactive, intelligent, engaging and performed her role like she had worked for us for years."  Research Now, June 2013

The temps were great this year - all punctual and hardworking! We were very happy with Mo who was very helpful.The BCS Annual Conference, June 2013

Thank you for recommending both Maria and Sophia. Their overall working performance was outstanding. They were hardworking, conscientious, reliable, had great comuunicaiton skills and were excellent with consumers.Vitality Show, March 2013

" We were really happy with the guys you sent our way for Confex last month. Both guys were good and helped us to generate traffic to our stand. Mehmet was especially enthusiastic and took time to understand what we were there for, and the reasons people should come to our stand which was really good. He engaged people in conversation well." International Confex, March 2013 

Garry, Keith and Mo are a dream team I would always want to work with again, quick on the uptake, smart, industrious, friendly to people and very hardworking." Education Show, March 2013 

I had amazing feedback about the team you sent over to work at the event. All of the team members were great, but Sherrie and Jemma are just amazing, we have nothing but amazing things to say about the two of them. In fact we would like to request them for all of our events. I understand the whole team were really helpful and worked really hard. We definately would like to work with all of them in the future."  The Global Covered Bonds Conference, March 2013

We were very pleased with Laura, thank you. She was friendly, presentable and good with the visitors. Many thanks! " Broadcast and Video Expo Live, March 2013

Thanks for your email and for providing staff.  All were very good and nice to work with." Renewable UK, March 2013

Annatt was great and I would recommend her for similar events." Metal Bulletin, March 2013

As usual all the staff you supplied were great; all friendly, all well turned out, all puntual and all very efficient. It was really nice to see some familiar faces in and amongst us too."  Centaur, February 2013

The girls were excellent - all of them. They were friendly, extremely helpful and willing to assist over and above their 'contracted' duties. I will certainly wish to use MoorePeople again.Chase 2013, February 2013

Chloe was "perfect". I can say after spending 5 minutes with Chloe I knew I could trust her immediately. Chloe was on time every day, no task was a problem and her people skills were excellent. She intergrated well with the team and was immediately liked by everyone. Chloe is a credit to MoorePeople and a really big thank you to you for meeting our exact requirements. "  Chase 2013, February 2013

Wonderful service from MoorePeople as usual! Tania was fantastic to work with - very professional, keen and able! Tania was a very welcome addition to our onsite team. She took on tasks willingly providing a wonderful service to our delegates." BDA Meeting, February 2013 

As always the staff from MoorePeople were punctual, professional and couldn't have been more helpful! As always at these events I'm sad that I don't get to spend more time with the team, but that's what we employ them for and they make my life so much easier and nothing is too much trouble! " The Armoured Vehical Show, February 2013 

" The staff supplied were all very experienced and familiar both show, event and site wise and actually undertook more on the day than specified but to everyone's benefit." Moda 2013, February 2013

Amazing! The girls are an absolute pleasure to work with. They were friendly, hardworking, efficient and made such a fantastic addition to our team. Thank you for putting these lovely ladies forward for the job, they made a huge difference.The London Edge Trade Show, January 2013

I have nothing but positive things to feedback about Jo. She was very professional in all ways and was very positive and enthusiastic across the three days at the Toy Fair and we would not hesitate in requesting her again for other events if she was available." The London Toy Fair, January 2013



MoorePeople work with some of the largest and most well known companies in the country.  We regularly receive thanks and appreciation for our work.  Here's just a few of the companies we worked with over the last 12 months:       


 T. Mobile  Iraq Inquiry
 Centaur Exhibitions  Circ Data
 Clarion Events  Flourish Creative
 Mobex  Ten Alps Creative
 British Dental Association  Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors
 Unilever The Economist
 EDF Energy  Congrex UK Ltd
 Nordo Nordisk  Shell


At MoorePeople we never forget that our success depends upon the satisfaction of our clients.  We work to ensure that we provide that very best personnel for all assignments. 

Below are just a few of our clients’ testimonials:


"On behalf of the company I am writing to sincerely thank you and your entire team for all the hard work and dedication to the services you provided on our recent London projects. Fundamental to the sucess of our delivery has been the perfomance and commitment of a small handful of key suppliers such as MoorePeople.

At MCI UK we regularly share our experiences internally across the teams within each project practice and, the case-study presentation that the event teams presented to the company last week brought to life the complexity and the enormity of these projects.

I want to thank you for the smooth organisation and for accommodating my team and the clients at planning meetings which were invaluable towards the success of these events.

MCI UK look forward to a continued partnership with MoorePeople.

Jennifer Jenkins, Managing Director, MCI UK

London Fashion Week

Thank you so much for all your help at London Fashion Week.  You really were a God-send and I can safely say we couldn’t have functioned without you! Thank you for the kind way in which you took such great care of all the team, I would love if it you would be interested in working with us again.

 Congrex UK Ltd - The UK India Business Summit and EAACI Congress

The event went very well thank you - both Rebecca and Jane were very professional and helpful and we were happy with the service provided. We'd definately be more than happy to use you again for future events. "

" Lucie was great and managed the booth really well, both in terms of delegate management and ensuring everything was up to standard. I will definately get in touch if we have any more jobs coming in. "

The Economist Group – Conference

We were absolutely delighted with Tania and the help and assistance she provided on Friday.  She was extremely well presented, personable, bright, cheerful and was happy to do any of the tasks that we gave her.  I really cannot rate her highly enough and we will definitely be using your agency again in the future.  Thank you very much for listening to my brief so carefully and for providing someone who fitted the bill so well.

Ten Apls Creative - Renewable UK

"The smooth running of the event was due largely to the hard work and professional manner of all the MoorePeople team. Roberta and her team did a magnificent job in marshalling the troops to ensure all the specific tasks were covered. There were some very stressful moments during the build up and opening day which Roberta dealt with superbly. In fact, all the core team of Victoria, Jane and Julie did a great job in their areas and showed good judgement in dealing with queries and made some excellent suggestions. Please pass on my thanks to all the team in Glasgow."

Central Hall Westminster – World Travel Market

We were very impressed with Tania who was very professional, proactive and a pleasure to work with. She worked very hard throughout her time on the stand. We would definately use her again for a similar exhibition should the need arise.

British Dental Association - Training Essentials

I had confidence to leave Roberta in charge of registration whilst I liased with speakers and I was very impressed. I would be very happy to work with Roberta again

Centaur – The Travel Technology Show

Both hostesses at Travel Technology were brilliant - very friendly and helpful and no trouble at all."


Flourish Creative - T Mobile Networking Evenings and Monarch Picnic Concerts

"Thank you very much for organising all the promotional staff for our events for T Mobile. They were all very good and very helpful and professional. I will definately be in touch when I next need promotional staff." 

Our final Monarch Picnic Concert at Kenwood this weekend was a huge success, again thanks to the amazing contribution from your team. If you could please pass on my huge thanks to Sherrie and all the girls, particuarly those who we have worked with consistently over the summer weekends and of course, thank you for all your support - as always your professionalism and hard work have been outstanding. It has been an absolute pleasure. "

Create Events – The Times Higher Education Awards

Nicola worked very hard and was very helpful, enthusiastic and friendly to the guests, just what we needed.

Essential Events – Country Living Fair

All great as usual.  Patricia and Patsy ran the area fantastically.  One less thing for us to worry about onsite!

Early Action Group – Dolce Vita Show

The girls were great on site and a real help to us.  Thank you so much for sorting this out at short notice for me and I hope that we will need you again in the near future.

Sweet Street Desserts – Caterford Trade Show

Julia was delightful. She was quick to learn and excellent with all the visitors to our stand. We were very busy and she was a major asset for us and a pleasure to spend time with."

Shell – Scholarship Event

I am happy to report that the girls were up to their usual high standard on Friday – we don’t call them the ‘dream team’ for nothing.  They are always so accommodating, helpful, friendly and totally in control even when things don’t go according to plan.  I would be grateful if you would pass my thanks onto them for yet another very successful evening.

T Mobile – Music Week

The team were great thanks.  They worked well and represented the brand perfectly.


The staff this week in Edinburgh and Newmarket were great, thank you very much. Carly was especially good, she obviously knows conference work as she was asking all the right questions! "

Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre - Iraq Enquiry

"Now that the Iraq Enquiry has finished I just wanted to say a big 'thank you' to all who contributed over the last 18 months.  Absolutely everyone at the Centre were extremely helpful and enthusiastic in responding to the challenges throughout the whole process.  Mr Blair was also grateful for all the hard work that went into ensuring the smooth running of the day on his appearance and has sent a letter of thanks. Thank you all once again and please make sure that you thank all individual members of your team who contributed."

Mobex Ltd, NHS Dental Roadshows

Just thought I would put on record at this early stage in this series of Roadshows, that we have had fantastic positive reviews back to us for the work being carried out by both Fraser and Ben. To the extent that the Head of Events at London SHA specifically called the office to praise Fraser and I was separetely spoken to by the Communications manager at one of the PCTs of how tirelessly Ben had worked on a cold and miserable day to make their event a success."





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