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For your perfect  Event

I would like to assure you that your team was extremely professional and experienced . Their willingness to perform any duty onsite was much appreciated.  I have had years of experience with local manpower and your team were one of a kind.
2023 - April - Kenes
Nigel showed real willing and was incredibly helpful throughout the event. We were very lucky to have him help out and would be delighted to have Nigel back with us again next year.
2023 - April - OmniaMed
Thanks for reaching out! Denise & Cristine were great to work with onsite! They were engaging, helpful, and happy to assist with any task
2023 - April - WBR
I just wanted to say thank you for supplying Viven to assist us at our event in Glasgow last week – she was absolutely excellent.  Very charming and bubbly personality, but very professional and on the ball.  Please pass on our thanks to her and we’ll know who to ask for if we’re doing an event in the area again
2023 - December - BMA
Thank you for providing staffing services to our event last week.  As in prior years, all of the staff that I had the opportunity to work with directly was wonderful.  Cassie was the supervisor in the area which I was managing and – as always, was very on top of things, she is a great member of the team
2023 - December - Informa Media
Jill and Leah were fantastic, very professional, assertive, and also very lovely ladies! It was a pleasure to have them as part of the team
2023 - June - Asembl Group
All went very smoothly thank you!  The team were polite and as professional as always. Look forward to working with them again next year
2023 - June - BCS

Stella is always a pleasure to work with, as she has been for the last 4+ years.

Her friendliness, approachability and professionalism are among the many reasons why I asked for her to work with me, again, at CTX – The Counter Terror Expo, on 17th
2023 - June - Evendia

I would like to say a big thank you to the Moore people staff at the LTW Party on Monday night – they were fantastic, it was great to have them and they did a brilliant job
2023 - June - Informa
They were great.  Arrived on time, asked relevant questions to do their jobs well and were very professional and polite to attendees.  Our event was challenging – especially on Monday when we reached capacity and the building was very hot – some of the team had difficult attendees to deal with in that situation but they all did it very calmly under pressure
2023 - June - Informa
Neil and Karen were brilliant 😊 Professional and friendly and so patient and supportive to our attendees. It helped that Neil and Karen were returning for their 2nd year in supporting us onsite for the RCOG World Congress
2023 - June - Rapier
Firstly, many thanks indeed for helping us to deliver an excellent AGBIS Conference on Monday 20th March 2023.  The hostess staff you booked were super (Simon White, Jean Godbold and Karen Stevens) and we would like them to join us again next year please!  I am really pleased with the catering, AV (wonderful Geoffrey), Daniel, and all staff at the QEII Centre who made sure that event went well.  P
2023 - March - AGBIS

Michael did an outstanding job at the Myopia Matters event on Tuesday.  Our Head of Education, who was speaking at the event, was singing his praises in our team meeting earlier today and said he really went the extra mile to make everything run incredibly smoothly, he was extremely impressed with Michael and the support he provided.

2023 - March - AOP
Thanks so much for your email and for sending Simon and Louise to the event yesterday. They are both absolutely first class team members, and always completely reliable.  I know I can leave the registration desk in their capable hands when I am called away and they keep me informed of any developments I need to be aware of.  They are consummate professionals and we’ll always be happy to work with
2023 - March - BMA
Steven and Andrea were a pleasure to work with, courteous, friendly and very well-informed about venue facilities. Please pass our thank you’ s to them, appreciate your assistance
2023 - March - ExCeL
Neil & team were brilliant as always. Always a pleasure to work with and they got on well with Lucy, our client as well
2023 - March - RefTech
The client said Kelly was brilliant and would love to use her next year for the event
2023 - March - RefTech
Vivien was such a delight to work with! She is clever, funny and engaging. She also knows pretty much everybody in Glasgow which proved to be of great help in selling our products. I would be very lucky to work with Vivien again!
2023 - March - Sweet Street

Eli is an absolute gem!

She works incredibly hard (she pretty much did all my work for me TBH!), she is smart, funny, engaging and she is very good at selling. There is no job big enough (or too small) for her.

2023 - March - Sweet Street
Both Maria and Olu were fantastic, really helpful and approachable to our exhibitors. I’d love to work with them again for our upcoming shows! Thanks also for a great service!
2023 - March - Whitespace Xpo
This week I had the pleasure of working with Helen as the registration supervisor on my show at the ExCel. She was fantastic, and really made my job onsite a whole lot easier! Helen was attentive, detail focused, quick off the mark, and lovely to deal with
2023 - May - Closer Still
They were very professional, respectable and very welcoming to delegates when they arrived. They were efficient in finding the badges for delegates and despite the small initial brief, they were very good at directing delegates around and being proactive in sending delegates down to the help desk if there were any issues. Very good team of people!
2023 - May - Dynamic Events

I only spent time with a couple of Moore People stewards but I was very impressed with how they proactively engaged with the delegates, checking to see if the delegates needed help or information. They also used a calm, assertive manner to ensure the seats in the track rooms were all filled, which is so important for the smooth running of the presentations.

2023 - May - ESRI

All three hosts were great. Really helpful to us throughout the conference, confident and great with the delegates. Would happily have all of them working at other events that we may run in the future.
2023 - May - In Conference
Yaourou is fantastic! Very hard worker. Everything was perfect with her. Next year, of course, we´ll contact you
2023 - May - Rias Baixas
Helen and the crew were lovely.  A few faces I remember from last year, which was nice.  No negatives, just a lovely bunch of people to work with.  Please pass on my thanks to all.
2023 - May - Shell AGM

I cannot sing the praises for Kelly, Lucy W, Lucy D and Abi enough. They were fantastic and were constantly on the ball and ready to support where needed. They were professional, polite and punctual. There were even some occasions where they were reminding me of the next thing they needed to do, I didn’t have to worry about them once and dealt with a few of our difficult dele
2023 - November - AOP

I had a really good experience working with them. All are very professional and know what they are doing. They definitely made my overall job easier
2023 - November - Closer Still Media
Both Simon and David looked professional and were a massive help at our conference. They both had great customer/communication skills and they were a joy to work with. We would definitely like to have them again
2023 - November - IAGRM
Sophia was excellent. Knowledgeable, helpful, and engaged with our client also.  Highly recommended and would definitely be keen for her assistance in the future
2023 - November - RefTech
I can’t say enough good things about them. They were always prompt, professionally dressed and completed their assignments with a very professional attitude. It was an absolute pleasure working with them. They allowed our staff to attend to other meeting business without a worry
2023 - October - ASIST
Thanks for the email. I actually wanted to email you but I’ve been busy after the event. Both Stella and Jess were wonderful! Both had great attitude on both days and came ready to work. They were great with helping us during both days as the event was very busy. They worked very well as part of our team and by the end of Saturday I thought they were part of our staff!!! Honestly, I only have praise for bo
2023 - October - Fullbright

I just wanted to drop you a quick email to thank you for the team at Grand Designs.

They were fabulous and just cracked on with the jobs. We had no issues what so ever and were really happy with their work. Kelly was a great team lead and communicated really well with us. I was really h
2023 - October - Grand Designs

We were extremely pleased with Jodie and the support that she gave us during the day at the exhibition.  She was friendly, professional and very enthusiastic on our business and products – we also received positive feedback from the contacts that she met during the day, which was great! 

2023 - October - Husky Commercial

Karen was excellent! A fantastic addition to the team.  Karen was professional, friendly with the delegates, eager to help and get involved with the conference.  She asked excellent questions and was quick to pick up – quite clear it was not her first rodeo. She was a definite asset to the team on-site and we all really enjoyed working with her.

2023 - October - In Conference
All the staff you sent were great, but I have to make a special mention of Mourad, who was with us through all of it! Please tell him thank you, and it was great to have someone who had been with us before. And we’ll have him again next time if he wants to come!
2023 - October - Investor Conferences

Paula was extremely professional, helpful & well presented.

She is always a pleasure to work with & we would love to work with her again next year.
2023 - October - Quorum15
She was excellent. Turned up about 40 minutes early and was dressed appropriately. She is a smart individual and she picked up using our systems easily. Sophia has a charming manner with the delegates and always looked busy event though it was a quiet day on registration. The event finished at 17:30 and she offered to stay and help till then, but there was no need. In summary, an excellent staff member.
2023 - October - RefTech

The team were fantastic!

Kelly was sharp, forward thinking, communicative, warm and easy to work with.

She managed the team effectively, in a friendly manner an
2023 - October - Terrapinn
Both participants, Maria and Ella, were very business like, professional providing excellent service and exemplary etiquette.   
I would highly recommend your firm’s services. Thank you very much for accommodating my business services’ request on short notice. Much appreciated

2023 - September - COMNAV
I just want to commend both Jane and Jess for delivering a sterling job at World Coffee Summit London 13 September 2023 at QEII Centre. They are both responsible, diligent and reliable. I will have them both anytime. Great job. – World Coffee Alliance
2023 - September - World Coffee Alliance
I have worked with many during my 9 years in the Foodservice Industry and hands down Elinor is the best. Charming, knowledgeable, voluble, articulate and hardworking are just a few of the qualities that spring to mind. And always, but always, going the extra mile!
2024 - February - Sweet Street
Diane was very friendly and was able to use her own initiative when she learned new information, she made copious notes! I’d be happy having her back!
2024 - January - ExCeL

Providing the best event staff

Moore than a pretty face!

Moore People is an event staffing agency with more than 50 years combined experience in the events industry.  We provide specialist staff, from our our extensive nationwide database of nearly 10,000 trained and experienced personnel.

We carefully match the skills and attributes of our personnel to meet your specific staffing needs.

You can be confident that you will have the right person to represent you, in any environment.

Moore People is one of the UK’s most respected agencies.  We continuously recruit and update our personnel - Actors, Dancers, Models and high calibre professional promotional personnel.

All our staff are referenced and trained and our proactive attitude and attention to detail means you can be assured you will have the right personnel for your event - each and every time.

Our People are a mix of backgrounds, cultures and ages - united by their passion, expertise and willingness to put that little bit extra into what they do.


We will find the perfect staff for your promotional event, whether it be Industry or Public focused.

Product launches, awareness campaigns, service promotion, store openings or much more. Click the link to read more information about the services we can provide.

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Are you looking for delegate management, reception staff, programme guides, stand staff or any other roles for your conference?

We can provide multi-lingual, specialised staff for your event. For more information and examples of our work, please click the link. 

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We can provide specialised, multilingual staff for a range of roles at your exhibition.

This could include anything from hospitality to security, to reception staff. For more information and images of our work, please click the link. 

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Corporate hospitality? Charity event? Gala Dinner? Special Events such as festivals or yacht races?

We can provide suitable staff for all of these to assist in making your event great. For more information and the range of roles we can fill, please click the link.

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So Why Moore People?

We have a great pool of talented candidates to draw on. Moore People are the complete team.

Our managers bring the experience to understand your needs, make a great match from our talented pool of candidates and bring the determination to see you through to success.

That's our reputation - and we work hard to maintain it.

Great references, from events where everything went smoothly and those occasional events where things don't go quite so smoothly!

That's experience, hard-earned and used to benefit our clients.


As soon as you book your stand or venue, look at your in-house team and decide if you have enough people with the right skills to work on the event.  If you are missing something - that's why we are here!

  1. Check credentials of Staffing Agencies on
  2. Make sure they work within current industry guidelines and the latest taxation legislation for temporary staff.
  3. Agree rates for staff and discuss incentives for large bookings and repeat bookings
  4. When all details are finalised, agree a final price to avoid hidden extras and nasty surprises!
  5. Ask for a dedicated account manager to be your first point of contact
  6. Put together an extensive brief detailing the following:
    1. Your event objectives
    2. Your staffing requirements – second languages, specialist skills
    3. Details about your company and products
    4. Information about what staff will be required to do
    5. Other details such as uniform/clothing requirements, look etc
  7. Check the CV and credentials of all staff put forward by the agency
  8. Organise interviews, discuss roles and responsibilities and the reasons for attending the event
  9. Provide event brief for temporary staff with details such as event timings, location, stand activities, reporting structures and line manager
  10. Organise uniform fittings if required
  11. Onsite, monitor staff performances to check the staff are coping with their roles and they are all working as a team
  12. Remain in contact with your account manager throughout the event and report back any concerns on the first day to allow for adjustments to be made, if required
  13. Complete the agency’s evaluation form at the end of the event and return this to the agency
  14. Organise a wash-up meeting with the account manager to run through successes and areas for improvement, and to fine-tune requirements for future events

 If you need help visit websites such as to source accredited and professional temporary staffing agencies.

Whatever your event have the right people with Moore People


Send us your event brief

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